Saturday, 18 June 2011

Indifference in indecisive weather

Today started with a vain attempt at getting a lay-in, by 7am both children had come in asking questions that woke me totally from my deserved slumber.  The thing is I didn't mind today; last night was plagued with nightmares the like of which I haven't had since childhood.  These were the wake you in a cold sweat, questioning your reality/sanity type of nightmares.

Anyway, it soon (by 7:30am) became apparent that it was going to be 'one of those days', Jasmines new Xbox360 had gone very wrong indeed and it was decided that we would need to exchange it, in Ashford.  Amazingly my children get breakfasted, washed. dressed and ready to go out if they know we are visiting a Game, perhaps I should lie to them in future when speed is required?

I remember clearly when we got in the car there was bright sunshine, a few fluffy friendly looking clouds but nothing ominous, as we made our 10mile journey the weather got less friendly.  Chilly which is never good in June, and the blue summer skies became gradually replaced with dark imposing clouds.  By the time we got to Ashford it was down to 15C and raining!!! everybody else was wearing coats and we looked like tourists who erroneously expect summer in the UK!

Game replaced the 360 for Jasmine, and I bought me and Noah jumpers to wear, I'd never really thought about it but its quite telling how much 'summer' fashion consists of jumpers, cardigans and the aptly named 'skinny scarf'.  Back to the car feeling warmer but cheated as the sun was appearing again!!
Jasmine was too social to come home from our trip out for her, preferring instead to visit a friend the Xbox has chosen to stay in the box until she returns.

This afternoon we had planned to wander down to the Faversham Festival, a dry run for the Hop Festival held later in the year, but the constant threat of rain along with the fact all our rain macs are 'somewhere safe so they don't get lost' we stayed home, watching reruns, drinking tea and generally being indifferent to our lack of activity.
Tonight it's Ham (homemade), egg and chips for tea, I find I crave comfort food when I lack energy or enthusiasm for anything else.

Tomorrow will be better I'm sure, they predict dry weather.  Its Fathers day so we may even visit the zoo, or perhaps take our rods to the beach along with our new portable BBQ.
But perhaps I shouldn't plan anything certainly not the concept of having a lay-in at the weekend!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Ignore this post

Oh you had to look didn't you?
Just couldn't follow the instructions then!
Sorry to disappoint you but I'm just testing blogging by email.

Its been a while.

Yep its been a while since I last had a good blogging session.  This was due to the fact that I was needed in full mum mode, I'm not going to say why but that's it no more explanation will be given no matter how many 'I'm just worried' 'I want to help' 'If there is anything we can do' I receive.  Want to help? send wine by the case!! 
To quote a certain Mr F Gump, 'That's all I have to say about that'

I have also (those of you who follow my tweets will know) been a very busy bunny for the past 10days, not only have I joined a gym in my endless pursuit of my pre-childbirth X3 figure; oh and to get fit (yeah sure who actually joins a gym for non vanity reasons?).  Oh and I have been trying desperately to makeover my darling daughters room, we bought the laminate flooring that by some level of inane stupidity you can't have delivered, I mean £400 of laminate is actually 23 packs, each pack weighs about 6KG and I had to unload them all from the car and move them around the house (twice) so you get an idea of why the gym seems a tad wasted.
Anyway on top of the flooring that we managed to lay in record time (1 room = 3hrs) she also 'required' a new day bed oh and bedding.  Suffice to say I've been busy, very busy.

We took a day off from the chaos yesterday and went for breakfast, just Gareth and me.  It was really nice, just recently our marriage seems refreshed and much more enjoyable, perhaps finally the roles of disabled person and carer have been timely pushed back by the much more important ones of husband and wife.

Today is delivery day!!! first delivery (the day bed & mattress) turned up at 6:50am which while being fab to get it out of the way was unsociably early even for our family of early risers, this has meant that by 9:30am the bed was assembled and ready to use ; well with the exception of bedding , we're still waiting on that. 

The rain is still falling hard and fast, which makes my oh so eco friendly choice not to replace the tumble dryer look even more insane , it also makes my bathroom look like a Chinese laundry with washing hanging anywhere we can fit it.  
So there we go, its been a while but my life hasn't got any-more interesting, just a little more manic.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

A patient man

A patient man who I'm lucky is my husband on a well deserved coffee rest stop in canterbury xx

Monday, 6 June 2011

The no blog blog

Some of you will know, most won't and I will not say but I won't be blogging for a few days.  My family needs me to be right here right now . Fankoo & see you soon xx

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Rain and healthy cake.

Today the rain came, not fine summer showers but the kind that makes the wheelchair ramp turn into an urban waterfall.  I think the patch of waste land I jokingly refer to as a garden is enjoying finally getting water on it though the tortoise doesn't seem to keen on this opportunity to get wet.
The children successfully managed to convince us that they should be allowed some Xbox time, they were of course more then happy to tidy their rooms and help with the task of rescuing the house from the abuses of half term first.  More then happy means they obviously believed my threat that involved poultry shears and power leads was genuine, oh yes I'm one of 'those' parents!
Gareth discovered the entire day had been given to coverage of Touring Cars on ITV4, he wasted no time in commandeering the remotes and total control of the Sky box, leaving me pretty certain we need to invest in multi room.  In fairness he doesn't often get control of the TV, none of us do with the exception of Noah who by the age of 4 had memorized the entire list of childrens channel numbers and treats us most weekends with wall to wall cartoons!

This left me at a bit of a loose end, so naturally I met this head on as I usually do with my recipe books, the new Kenwood Chef will be worth every penny by the time I'm finished.
After some intense thought and random page flicking, cupboard exploring and tutting I decided on two separate baking projects.  Home made doughnuts (like the kids hadn't eaten enough of these this week) and a Banana cake with a difference; in order to support Gareth in his diet it would be made with Wholemeal flour.

I was quite happy in the kitchen pottering about and making happy smells appear when suddenly I noticed that I hadn't actually thought of dinner, and it was nearing dinner time. Never fear there must be something in the freezer yes? well yes there was, it appears I have developed a habit of buying sausages, I mean every variety including sausage meat and cocktail ones but the freezer only had them and frozen veg.  A quick dash to the supermarket and Gareth produced minced beef and a sweet potato, yum tasty cottage pie was quickly assembled.

So that basically brings us to this evening, everybody all snuggled up on the sofas and ready for the return to the mundane routine of school runs etc but happy and with full bellies knowing that we had a great week together even the day when the rain arrived and I ruined cake by making it healthy.  

Saturday, 4 June 2011

A change of Plan isn't always a bad thing

Today was supposed to be a simple day, I should have known that it was all going to be turned upside from the ease that plans were made.
The day began pretty much as planned, all of us managed to find clean clothes and get in the car in order to go and buy daughter her Xbox360 using the money she 'obtained' (honestly) from nanny.  We decided that Ashford would be far quieter then Canterbury on a Saturday morning so off we went, even found parking at the first place we looked!  Of we trot to HMV, with huge pleasure it appeared (by the signs/boxes etc etc) that they had the desired 20GB preowned Xbox360, however after trying to buy one it became apparent that shops now display goods they don't stock, something that couldn't be repeated yes?  OH NO, feeling a little deflated we nipped to Game, sure they had the right one in stock but for £20 more then HMV.  We decided to keep this option open and then went to a Electronic exchange shop; laughing at their prices we left.  One more shop to try Gamestation, they also appear to display goods they don't have in stock as the Xbox360 20GB in the window 'isn't for sale, we can only do you a newer one which is £60 more then the one you asked for'.  
At this point I was getting cross, Jasmine was upset, Noah was bored and Gareth was clearly very worried that another town center was going to host stage 2 of our hunt.  Deflated we returned to Game, yes they had the one we wanted in stock, didn't they?  Well um no in fact, yet another shop displaying goods they just didn't have BUT all was not lost, the manager decided that seeing as they displayed the goods they would give us an upgrade at no extra cost, Jasmine then went on to buy some games to kill fake people on.   
Hunt over we returned home, Oh did I mention at some point Noah managed to con me out of £25 for a replacement of his Lego Starwars game? No well he did.

Home time Hurrah, well after stopping in at KFC for a treat, seeing as we were supposed to be helping clean up the town Sea Cadet Unit in the afternoon.  
We arrived home to a phone call from the Unit chairwoman, her daughter had a fall and was waiting on an xray, could we let the cadets know that the clean up and associated free pizzas was postponed, Naturally I jumped in the car and whizzed down to let the 2 cadets who had shown up know they could go home.  One had a hangover and was in honesty quite relieved.

So what should we do now?  How about a BBQ on the beach? Hurrah yes it was agreed, Nanny & Grandad was invited; we would convene on Seasalter beach at 5pm.
Nobody knew there was a gale blowing, force 4 I'm informed!!  But none the less we perservered and had our BBQ complete with blast furnace cooked sausages.  But it was wonderful fun, something to be repeated indeed.

And now I am going to drink tea, snuggle on the sofa. and watch my Saturday evening programs Oh yes a change of plans may occur again but I'm pretty much ready for anything.

Friday, 3 June 2011

I've gone all mobile

Oh cor blimey, as ever I'm amazed at modern technology .
Just downloaded an app which means I can bore you, oh I mean blog from anywhere !!

Still sat on the sofa watching the kids selection of sky+ offerings, now however I have painted nails & fresh tea. Hurrah.

Also mother in law bought me a present, ok its a tea towel but it does have cupcakes on so it counts as a present .

Expect more drivel tomorrow .

Half Term is Over.

MMMMMM so this is Blogging huh? I'm told this is the new prattling on but in a public way.

So anyway today was the last day of Half term week, a day that in previous years would have given way for huge celebration and a frantic hunt for PE kit! but today I feel a bit sad in truth, I have really enjoyed this week with the children home.

I think half the reason that we have enjoyed this week was the appearance of a Steam Fair at Margate, just a short drive up the Thanet way and hurrah the seaside appears.  We visited the Fair twice this week and it was totally fab even my Teenage daughter suggested it was 'fun'!! I know 14 and having fun with her family , unlikely but true!  
On the first visit we had a go on the 1940s arcade, this was a total giggle with rather tacky prizes being awarded making it all the better, I mean who doesn't love candy cigarettes as a prize huh?  Then the lure of Hot Fresh Doughnuts proved too much for Gareth and the Kids, but they take a few minutes to cook.  A few minutes I suggested could be best spent on the swingboat ride ( in my defense I had NOT seen this in action and thought it would be quite sedate) this was a huge immensely idiotic idea, DO NOT EVER take an autistic child on such a ride, certainly when they have a broken wrist and happen to be scared of heights.  So several minutes later when we emerged from the no longer swinging (pivoting wildly) boat I presumed the doughnuts wouldn't be wanted, I was wrong they were inhaled. Then we left the fair worried that Noah would be too traumatized to ever leave the house with us again. 

So today we returned to the fair, ok we didn't have to sign contracts about the Swingboat Ride but it was close,  I wasn't surprised when we started the visit back at the arcade, Noah very much enjoys the opportunity to win plastic soldiers.  I was however surprised when he asked to go on the waltzers.  I suggested we watch a ride cycle so he could see what happened during the ride, we did and this did nothing to curb his enthusiasm so I happily handed over £6 for me and the children to go on the ride (Gareth being wheelchair bound isn't allowed or able to join in).  I have never ever been on faster waltzers in my entire life but it was great fun, the sound of Noah laughing his way through the experience made it so much better! well that and 14yr old Jasmine complaining of feeling quite ill anyway.  
The ride over he then dragged me to the up and down merrygoround thingy, with chickens and coaches oh you know the type.  This ride was apparently disappointing as it wasn't (and I quote) 'Fast enough to make you feel like hurling your dinner everywhere' so the situation was remedied by another go on the waltzers.
Realizing I was rapidly running out of money I suggested we have a wander along the sea front, this didn't help as the lure of Hot Doughnuts once again proved too tempting, these made everybody thirsty so then we had to stop for drinks too.  It was then the idea of a visit to the new Turner Gallery came up, well its Free admission so why not??? 
Why not? this is not a gallery to take children too, even the little shop had artistically priced souvenirs, so after wandering around becoming more confused by modern art then before we left for Margate old town.
We had a little wander around the very artistically priced shops and pretty streets finding time to gawp at the windows of the Cupcake Cafe (I now feel completely incapable as a cupcake baker) before heading back to the car.  A coastal route was chosen by the passengers who as a majority were asleep the entire route, this does tend to happen.  We dropped into Faversham town on the way home so Gareth and the kids could restock on doughnuts (iced ones this time) then it was time for home so Jasmine could cook her ever famous Carrot and sausage-meat plait for dinner.

So that was it, last day of half term done, now I'm drinking beer and watching pro grammes off the Sky+ that the kids recorded in the event we forced them to come out. I mean its not as if they had fun or anything !!