Saturday, 18 June 2011

Indifference in indecisive weather

Today started with a vain attempt at getting a lay-in, by 7am both children had come in asking questions that woke me totally from my deserved slumber.  The thing is I didn't mind today; last night was plagued with nightmares the like of which I haven't had since childhood.  These were the wake you in a cold sweat, questioning your reality/sanity type of nightmares.

Anyway, it soon (by 7:30am) became apparent that it was going to be 'one of those days', Jasmines new Xbox360 had gone very wrong indeed and it was decided that we would need to exchange it, in Ashford.  Amazingly my children get breakfasted, washed. dressed and ready to go out if they know we are visiting a Game, perhaps I should lie to them in future when speed is required?

I remember clearly when we got in the car there was bright sunshine, a few fluffy friendly looking clouds but nothing ominous, as we made our 10mile journey the weather got less friendly.  Chilly which is never good in June, and the blue summer skies became gradually replaced with dark imposing clouds.  By the time we got to Ashford it was down to 15C and raining!!! everybody else was wearing coats and we looked like tourists who erroneously expect summer in the UK!

Game replaced the 360 for Jasmine, and I bought me and Noah jumpers to wear, I'd never really thought about it but its quite telling how much 'summer' fashion consists of jumpers, cardigans and the aptly named 'skinny scarf'.  Back to the car feeling warmer but cheated as the sun was appearing again!!
Jasmine was too social to come home from our trip out for her, preferring instead to visit a friend the Xbox has chosen to stay in the box until she returns.

This afternoon we had planned to wander down to the Faversham Festival, a dry run for the Hop Festival held later in the year, but the constant threat of rain along with the fact all our rain macs are 'somewhere safe so they don't get lost' we stayed home, watching reruns, drinking tea and generally being indifferent to our lack of activity.
Tonight it's Ham (homemade), egg and chips for tea, I find I crave comfort food when I lack energy or enthusiasm for anything else.

Tomorrow will be better I'm sure, they predict dry weather.  Its Fathers day so we may even visit the zoo, or perhaps take our rods to the beach along with our new portable BBQ.
But perhaps I shouldn't plan anything certainly not the concept of having a lay-in at the weekend!

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