Friday, 17 June 2011

Its been a while.

Yep its been a while since I last had a good blogging session.  This was due to the fact that I was needed in full mum mode, I'm not going to say why but that's it no more explanation will be given no matter how many 'I'm just worried' 'I want to help' 'If there is anything we can do' I receive.  Want to help? send wine by the case!! 
To quote a certain Mr F Gump, 'That's all I have to say about that'

I have also (those of you who follow my tweets will know) been a very busy bunny for the past 10days, not only have I joined a gym in my endless pursuit of my pre-childbirth X3 figure; oh and to get fit (yeah sure who actually joins a gym for non vanity reasons?).  Oh and I have been trying desperately to makeover my darling daughters room, we bought the laminate flooring that by some level of inane stupidity you can't have delivered, I mean £400 of laminate is actually 23 packs, each pack weighs about 6KG and I had to unload them all from the car and move them around the house (twice) so you get an idea of why the gym seems a tad wasted.
Anyway on top of the flooring that we managed to lay in record time (1 room = 3hrs) she also 'required' a new day bed oh and bedding.  Suffice to say I've been busy, very busy.

We took a day off from the chaos yesterday and went for breakfast, just Gareth and me.  It was really nice, just recently our marriage seems refreshed and much more enjoyable, perhaps finally the roles of disabled person and carer have been timely pushed back by the much more important ones of husband and wife.

Today is delivery day!!! first delivery (the day bed & mattress) turned up at 6:50am which while being fab to get it out of the way was unsociably early even for our family of early risers, this has meant that by 9:30am the bed was assembled and ready to use ; well with the exception of bedding , we're still waiting on that. 

The rain is still falling hard and fast, which makes my oh so eco friendly choice not to replace the tumble dryer look even more insane , it also makes my bathroom look like a Chinese laundry with washing hanging anywhere we can fit it.  
So there we go, its been a while but my life hasn't got any-more interesting, just a little more manic.

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